What We Create

The Retreat

We dreamed a health inducing retreat then composed it. Imagine a wellness immersion where you receive the best training while enjoying a yoga class by the Mayan ruins in Tulum, or perhaps a fitness challenge at a jungle-themed gym in front of the Caribbean Sea. Our tribe could feast on top of a clift in Bali, watch the sun set on the beach in Sayulita, or experience an ancient cacao ceremony guided by an Mayan shaman while standing on sacred land, and YES…Holistic Spa treatments are included too!

Principles of change

The Difference

‚ÄčTaste of Wellness incorporates the best principles of holistic science of detoxifying rejuvenation, while including various challenging physical exercises, revitalizing recovery work, intelligent nutrition strategy, and spiritual cultivation.

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I sat down on top of the Mayan ruins and sent my sincere gratitude to people who crossed path with me, regardless of the duration of their visit in my life. One day when I look back to read this chapter of my life, I would be extremely grateful for exploring another side of myself. For being challenged to not to give up and focus on the result and enjoy the path. Thank you Alessandra and Sue for your wonderful hospitality!! I had a blast.

- Alison Aliabadi, Chicago, IL

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